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Victoria Beckham teases next steps for her growing luxury fashion and beauty house

Victoria Beckham’s last performance with the Spice Girls, it is350 and Posh Spice realized there had to be some cost. Yesterday, in front of a crowd at the offices of Vogue’s

at One World Trade Center in New York, the multi-hyphen recalled almost confirming at Madison Square Garden. The fact that her touring life may be over. “The other girls were shopping and I was in a meeting about the fashion line. I’d be back in time for the audition, put down the Birkin bag, changed out of the pencil skirt – with three kids in tow – and Id Pick up the mic. It’s just a bit of a sideshow,” she admits with a laugh!

but-year-old is better than most at successfully putting on countless hats. A mother of four, Beckham has just presented her spring collection in Paris — a first for her more than a decade-old label, and her efforts to create a true luxury fashion and beauty company A triumphant chapter for the brand. She is almost there. In a sea of ​​celebrity beauty brands, Beckham stands out for its quality and performance. “I’m a celebrity, but I’ll get into the lab. There’s nothing wrong with celebrities just putting their names on things. But I take a different approach,” she explains of the details she’s often involved in, down to shimmery specks in eyeshadow , and the impressively creamy texture of her popular Satin Kajal eyeliner. “People don’t come back for me, they come back for the product,” she advises.

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