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VIDEO: Bellator Vet Valerie Loureda Performs Spinning Roundhouse Kick Before WWE NXT Loss

Valerie Loureda, now known as Lola Vice, made some big moves before losing her WWE NXT debut.

Ex-Bellator flyweight head kicked opponent Danny Palmer with a spinning boomerang before being pinned, this is when she left MMA to sign with WWE Sign of payment of dues after seven months.

Loureda has competed in previous NXT events, but Friday’s performance was her moment to shine. Her exaggerated personality seems to blend in with the talent development alliance.

Loureda, 24, auditioned for WWE in April. She posted an unbroadcast video of the match in November.

Loreda went 4-1 in the cage as an MMA fighter. In her final MMA fight, she recovered from her first professional setback by defeating Taylor Turner by split decision at Bellator 271, losing to Hannah Guy in Bellator 259 split decision.

Explaining her move to WWE, Loreda thanked Bellator for her support of her career and said professional wrestling was a long-held dream she had wanted to achieve .

“Scott Coker and Mike Kogan, Rich Chou, they believed in me when I was 19,” Loureda said of Bellator executives. “My first professional game was opening a main card in Jinshenshan without leggings. They gave me the opportunity to open the main card. They gave me a chance to shape myself, build this platform, do Myself. Right now, I’m making this shift, my thinking has shifted, but I know what I’m going to do in WWE. … “I love fighting, but this is my time. “



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