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Video from Shadowverse flame anime previews new opening song

The official website of Cygames, Inc.’s TV animation.’ s Solitaire Versus smartphone game announced new promotional video and visuals, this is

in the second animation in the ) franchise , Wednesday. This video reveals and previews the anime’s new opening theme song “Tick-Tock” produced by NEWS.

The new song will be in the third period of the animation Song (quarter of the year) October 1 day. The animation premiered on TV TOKYO on April 2. Crunchyroll

is streaming the anime when it airs in Japan.


Anime features a completely original story featuring anime characters. The first season centers on the student Hiiro Ryūgasaki of the Tensei Academy. Through a bizarre incident, Hiiro acquires a mysterious smartphone. The smartphone is installed with the popular digital card game “.” Meet opponents, participate in tournaments, and connect with others through the game Hiiro.

Season 2 passed.

Naotaka Hayashi joined the staff as an assistant director.

Tomoko Miyakawa is a digi-friend designer.

Quan Binzhong replaces Ji Guoming As art director, while Mamio Ogawa replaces Nobuhito Sue and Shūhei Tada for artistic settings. sankaku Credit to monitor graphics. Shinsuke Ōshima replaces Keisuke Kawatani and Kamiya Takahiro as the 3D CG director. Nakamura Yuta and Koshiyama Asahi join Asakawa Shigeru as a director of photography. The rest of the crew is back from season one.

Asumi Yoshino recently released a new comedy manga based on the anime called Digifre Nikki Shogakukan ‘s magazine ( Diary of a Digital Friend) November 2020.

The first season of the anime premieres in April 2020. Crunchyroll went live as the show aired.

June Collectible Card Game for iOS and Android devices 640 and PC versionSteam October . The game features single-player and competitive multiplayer content, a full voice story, and the ability to evolve cards in battle.

: Battle of Champions , Nintendo Switch version, 11 January 2020 in Japan, and August 2021 in the West.

The game received a tutorial animation video for its second anniversary in May 400.

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