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Video Highlights of PlayStation VR2, Compatible Games

Sony released a video showing

PlayStation VR2, the new virtual reality (VR) system for PlayStation 5 consoles, will be released on Wednesday release. This video previews the capabilities of the PS VR2 along with some compatible games.

PS VR2 will advance roll out2023.

PlayStation The VR2 system is a new version of the earlier PS VR headset for PlayStation 4, which has two sets of peripherals: PlayStation VR2 headset itself, and PlayStation VR2 Sense Controller. The headset can be in 2000×2023 resolution is 360 /100hz per eye, with 90° field of view. It will also include inside-out tracking, eye tracking and 3D audio for the headset and controllers. Both the PS VR2 headset and PS VR2 Sense controller will feature haptic feedback.

Source: PlayStation YouTube Channel



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