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Video: Melanoma – Early and Advanced Melanoma

Narrator: When an irregularity in the skin thought to be a mole becomes cancerous, it may be diagnosed Melanoma. The severity of the cancer depends mainly on the thickness of the tumor.

Melanoma is generally divided into two categories. The first group includes cancers that have not spread beyond skin irregularities. Extensive surgical tumor resection is often used for these cancers and is usually effective. The tumor and surrounding large areas of normal skin are outlined by an oval border, which is then removed. Here, the normal tissue surrounding the tumor can be seen.

The second largest type of melanoma is those that grow beyond visible cancer. Growth deep into the skin may allow cancer cells to enter the small lymphatic vessels. There, they may migrate to distant locations on the body.

Cancer cells usually migrate to the draining lymph nodes. Melanoma cells may remain undetected in immune tissue for some time. If melanoma escapes the immune system’s defenses, it can spread to other parts of the body. An example of tumor spread to the lung is shown here.

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