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Viggo Mortensen to Direct Vicky Krieps in Western Love Story 'The Dead Don't Hurt'

Viggo Mortensen lined up behind the camera after his critically acclaimed directorial debut Falling long queue.

The Lord of the Rings actor, who recently appeared in David Cronenberg’s Bowing Body Horror at the Cannes Film Festival Movie Future Crime Western Love Story with Léa Seydoux The Dead Don’t Hurt , who will star alongside Vicky Krieps .

Set in the 1860 era, this film was produced by Talipot Studio, Recorded Picture and Perceval Pictures, produced by Regina Solórzano (Los Reyes del Mundo), Jeremy Thomas (EO) and Mortensen.

with Cripps ( Bergman Island, Corsage, Phantom Line ) and Mortensen ( Thirteen lives, future crimes) starring, dead unharmed will also star Soli Mack Lauder (Dragon House), Danny Houston (Worlds Apart), Garrett · Dilla Hunt ( Blonde ), Tom Bateman ( Death on the Nile ) , Lance Henrickson (Falling , Alien ) and W. Earl Brown ( The Unforgivable ). The film will reunite Mortensen with cinematographer Marcel Ziskind (As in Paradise), award-winning production designer Carol Speer (Oriental Promise), Art Director Jason Clarke (Black Mirror) and Costume designer Anne Dixon (The Song of Names

), both of whom have worked with Mortensen on Falling. Mortensen previously worked with Thomas on Cronenberg’s award-winning play A Dangerous Method.

Don’t Hurt the Dead Seeing Cripps stars as very independent French-Canadian Vivienne Le Cuddy, who forms a relationship with Danish immigrant Holger Olsen (Mortensen). After meeting Olson in San Francisco, Vivian agreed to go with him to their home near the quiet town of Elk Plains, where they started a shared life. Civil war separates them, leaving Vivian in a place controlled by powerful rancher Alfred Jeffries (Dilla Hunt) and his violent, wayward son Weston Jeffries (McLeod). Left to fend for itself, aided and abetted by corrupt mayor Rudolf Schiller (Houston). Olsen’s eventual return challenges their relationship as they have to face and make peace with everyone they’ve become. A tragic love story as well as a revenge story, Unscathed is described as a portrait of a passionate woman determined to fight for her in unforgiving circumstances. Stand up for yourself The world is dominated by ruthless men.

s,” Mortensen said. “Vivian is a woman of all seasons; brave, consistently honest and direct, but capable of great empathy Heart. The idea isn’t just for a woman to star in a Western, but for her to lead the way in our stories with her uncompromising character. Vivienne is a true woman, unique in her time and place due to her principled behavior, forward thinking and passion for life. We’re lucky to have the incredibly talented Vicky Krieps in this role, and with the help of the great team we’ve assembled through Talipot Studio, we want to do justice to her exemplary life.

Talipot Studio will fully finance the film, which will be filmed primarily in Durango, Mexico, where Talipot will manage production. It also shoots in Ontario and British Columbia, Canada. 1235205846 Hanwei Pictures will be responsible for global sales and distribution, which is the result of Hanwei Pictures being The first project announcement after the acquisition was made by Charles Cohen’s Cohen Media Group in August .

and his director The debut falls , and I’m excited about the new script he’ll be directing,” Thomas said. “I’m so excited to be working on the Western today.”

Mortensen is represented by UTA’s Theresa Peters and Lynn Rawlins. Krieps is represented by CAA, Agence Adéquat and Wasted Management.



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