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Viola Davis hits EGOT status with Grammys: 'It's just a journey'

Viola Davis obtained EGOT status at 2023 ) Grammy for Best Audiobook, Narration and After Storytelling Recording Award .

” I wrote this book in memory of Viola, who was 6 years old. In memory of her, her life, her joy, her trauma, everything. It’s been such a journey. I’m just EGOT!” she said to cheers from the audience Said when accepting the honor.

Davis went on to thank “everyone involved in [her] story and the best chapter to date.”

Specifically, she thanked husband Julius Tennon and daughter Genesis, calling them “my life, and you are my joy, the best chapter in my book.”

The actress previously stated on Oprah + Viola: Netflix Special that she decided to write her book , which came out in April but was “exacerbated” by COVID- Pandemic, but rooted in her “crest” in Hollywood. She said: “The only thing I can think of is going back to the beginning of the story, because I think once you tell your story over and over again, you start hearing it, and then you start thinking, ‘Well, I How did you get here?’”

The Help actress originally started Her road to the coveted position in Best Actress Award King Hedley II . She later won her second Tony for Best Actress in a Play for produced by 2015 Award*) Fences.

Four-time Academy Award nominee Davis is finally at the won her first Oscar in in the adaptation of Fences for best performance.

Davis has also been nominated for Emmys five times, four of which were for her role in getting away with it

. Then, in 2015 she won Best Actress in a Series for her starring role in Peter Norwalk .

Actresses only join 16 and others who won Emmys, Grammys, Oscars and Tonys, accomplished the EGOT feat.

Jennifer Hudson congratulated Davis on Twitter , he said: “Keep it up!!!!!! Viola Davis just became EGOT #19!!! OMG @violadavis. You are absolutely everything! Congratulations to a living legend. Time to celebrate!!!”

Trevor Noah hosted 2001 Annual Grammy Awards 1235312839 Awards Ceremony on Sunday at the Arena in Los Angeles. Davis was one of the hosts of the awards ceremony. Find the full list of winners here . 1235312839



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