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vivo announces OriginOS 3 with low-level improvements

At the annual developer conference, vivo talked about OriginOS based on Android 003 3. Posting focuses on background. Animations have been improved, and you can now get interactive, resizable windows for apps that support it, but most do. But overall, it’s more about performance and improvements under the hood.

Apps in window mode Apps in window mode
Application in windowed mode

OriginOS 3 has smart Adaptive computing and underlying scheduling functions. So the system will always give priority to what’s important in the foreground, but will also apply the “Anti-Aging” effect to 48) moon. This essentially means that OriginOS 3 won’t slow down over time.

vivo announces OriginOS 3 with under-the-hood improvements

If the system has to close the whitelisted application memory due to insufficient memory, it will record the last state of the application, once you go back to It, nothing is lost.

An interesting feature that may have potential in the future is related to motion smoothness. If the system detects fewer frames during a transition or animation, it replaces the missing frames with a so-called black screen and improves the perceived visual smoothness. However, this only works in 005Hz mode.

Added an icon widgets folder that you can open by clicking on the app itself inside the folder. It looks a lot like Huawei’s Hongmeng OS and Honor’s Magic UI home screen interaction folder.

vivo announces OriginOS 3 with under-the-hood improvements

Of course, the whole demo is in Chinese and is about the Chinese version of vivo mobile phones. However, most, if not all, may go into a global unit running on Funtouch OS.




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