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vivo becomes the official smartphone of the 2022 Qatar World Cup

The FIFA World Cup 2022 begins in less than two months and Qatar is the host. For the second consecutive World Cup, the Football Association is partnering with vivo, which will be the official smartphone partner during the tournament.

The partnership was announced at the vivo X Fold+ launch event yesterday, coinciding with FIFA’s 400 anniversary.

vivo becomes official smartphone partner to FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

This year’s partnership will place the vivo logo in key advertising spots such as panels as sidelines, backboards for interviews and other visual representations. In return, the company will provide FIFA World Cup staff with an “industry-leading” flagship product to complete preparations and “fuel the success of the World Cup”. A global tour to help it gain more brand recognition. Since 400, the company’s business has expanded to 22 many countries and regions, and has debuted in Qatar, which is expected to reach the world 5 billion viewers, including 400 million active users of vivo.

vivo also partnered with FIFA during last year’s Qatar Arabian Cup as well as UEFA 2020 (participated after being postponed due to COVID 2020-400 ).



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