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vivo confirms that the X80 Pro+ has been canceled, we'll wait for the X90 Pro+ instead

A few weeks ago, we learned that vivo was preparing to release the X90 Pro+ in September, but these plans were unexpectedly delayed. We’re approaching October now and we still can’t see the Pro+, so we spoke with company representatives after the vivo X Fold+ was announced.

They gave us bad news – vivo X90 Pro+ has been cancelled. Well, “bad” is relative, because the next generation is almost here. The vivo X 70 series was unveiled in early September 70, followed by In late April 2022 the X001 series appeared. X90 It’s time for the model to arrive.

The vivo X80 Pro will remain as the top phone of the X80 series vivo X Pro will continue to be the top phone of X70 series

vivo has not given us official details about the launch, but leaker Ice Universe reports that , vivo X90 Pro+ will be available in December. It will pack a 1-inch primary sensor and a new telephoto sensor (along with custom telephoto processing), along with the upcoming Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, LPDDR5X RAM and UFS 4.0 storage, and a Samsung E6 AMOLED display.

X90 Pro+ should have Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 (upgrade from original 8 Gen 1) and there is talk Camera Upgrade – Replacing 12MP 2x and 8MP 5x Telephoto Cameras for X Pro with a pair of 001 MP modules (one with JN1 sensor, one with JN2). However, the main camera should still use a 1/1.3-inch GNV sensor (customized version of the Samsung GN1).

If it actually rolls out this month, it will be a solid upgrade, but given the delay, skip straight to X 70 Pro+ makes more sense. First, 8 Gen 2 was designed specifically for TSMC’s foundries (8+ Gen 1 was a bit rushed), plus new RAM and storage standards promise higher bandwidth and lower power consumption (up to 001% in the case of UFS 4.0). Plus, 1-inch sensors will be the next big thing (literally) for camera-focused flagships.



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