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vivo is working on two new foldables, the S Flip and V Flip

Two new trademark listings from vivo appeared on the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) website, both likely referring to future clamshell foldable smartphones named vivo V Flip and vivo S Flip.

As of now, the company has a standard foldable smartphone under the vivo X Fold2 name and a vertical foldable named vivo X Flip. And given that these two are the flagship models, it’s quite possible that the future V Flip and S Flip models are some sort of midrangers.

Listings at EUIPO Listings at EUIPO
Listings at EUIPO

Motorola most recently launched its Razr 40 duo, with the vanilla one being a budget-oriented foldable and there’s a rumor that Samsung considers making cheaper foldables too. So the rumor of two budget-friendly flip smartphones doesn’t seem too far-fetched. Perhaps other OEMs are eyeing the still-untapped budget foldable segment.

As the foldable market matures and the foldable screen technology becomes more accessible, we will start seeing an influx of budget foldable smartphones and it seems like the trend is starting.

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