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vivo V29 unboxing

Say hello to the vivo V29 – the latest in a line of vivos that combine upper midrange specs with near-flagship design.

The phone comes in a well-stocked package. You get a cable, a case, and an 80W charger.

Unboxing the vivo V29 Unboxing the vivo V29
Unboxing the vivo V29

We have the two colorways that vivo will release to the European market. They are Peak Blue and Noble Black. Both have a special design on the back. For the Peak Blue, vivo has used 3D magnetic particles that took a very precise manufacturing process to be formed into a pattern. In this case, it’s a mountain.

The Noble Black has a Fluorite AG Glass, which is grippier thanks to a built-in texture, and shimmers when hit with light.

The v29 is the first in the series to have full IP68 water and dust resistance.

The vivo V29 in Blue and Black The vivo V29 in Blue and Black
The vivo V29 in Blue and Black

The vivo V29 looks similar to the V27 but one key addition is the ring flash vivo calls Aura Portrait Light. It’s independent from the LED flash and has three working modes. It can automatically detect the ambient light and decide what temperature light to complement your subject with. You can also take the reigns and push the slider from blue all the way over to bright red.

Aura Light will work best in low-light conditions, mind you, but has the potential to make creative and interesting portraits.

Aura Light halo Aura Light halo
Aura Light halo

The front camera has been bumped up to 50MP with a wider f/2.0 lens – the brightest vivo has put into a phone in the V-series.

The battery is seemingly the same 4,600mAh unit, but charging has been bumped up to 80W, which can charge the battery from 0% to 50% in 18 minutes – that’s 1 minute faster than the 66W vivo V27 managed. It will be interesting to see the time difference to a full charge.

vivo V29 in for review

All of that and more is coming in our full review!



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