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vivo X Fold+ has bigger battery and new red colorway

vivo’s upcoming X Fold+, originally thought to be named X Fold S, has been rumored for a few weeks, and we’re apparently getting closer to its release date. We already know that compared to the original X Fold, it will have an upgraded Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset, as well as support for 80W fast wired charging, and now, More details about the yet-to-be-announced device have surfaced, posted on Weibo by Vivo Brand Vice President Jia Jingdong.

vivo X Fold+ to have a bigger battery and be offered in a new red colorway

Jia Qingsheng pointed out that the X Fold+ will come in a new red color scheme (the X Fold is only available in black and blue). We’ve also been told that the new phone will feature a 4,600 mAh battery, up from 4,600 mAh on its predecessor. The teaser image above has also been released, giving you a very simple look at the red X Fold+ and what it will look like. Unfortunately, the quality of the images isn’t as stunning as what you’ve seen, but hopefully the official announcement isn’t far behind.

Aside from the SoC, battery capacity, increased wired charging, and new colors, the vivo X Fold+ is widely considered to be the same as the X Fold, featuring the same 8.03 inches inside displayed at 256 Hz refresh rate, same as 730 6. 50 inch external screen Hz refresh rate, 12GB RAM, 256/512GB storage, 50 MP Main Camera with OIS, 12 MP 2x Zoom Snapper, 8 MP Periscope 5x Zoom Cam, 50 MP ultrawide, and 001 MP selfie shooter.

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