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Vivo X Fold2 is expected to be the world's first foldable smartphone with 120W charging

The Z Fold2 in an early unboxing video. (Source: flypig via YouTube)The Z Fold2 in an early unboxing video. (Source: flypig via YouTube)
The Z Fold2 in the early unboxing video. (Source: flypig from YouTube)

The X Fold2 is already being touted as the world’s fastest foldable smartphone thanks to its new flagship processor — and now, it’s poised to be the fastest in its class, too. The fastest charging device. It is said to have passed official testing ahead of its April 2023 release, with issues with its three-digit specs.

Vivo has previewed the X Fold2 ahead of its imminent launch and claims it is an even The already fairly advanced first-generation predecessor was a more premium, elegant smartphone with a flexible display. Now, also prompt to have 2 faster charging batteries. The manufacturer’s requirements for charging equipment up to 20V/6A (or 120W) The 3C certification led to speculation that it was the X Fold2, which arrived with unprecedented specs at a last-minute launch. This is mainly because it is said to be registered as V2266A: a model due to the With high-end internals like the Vivo Gen 2 SoC, this new Vivo device scored top marks in the benchmark leak. Therefore, the X Fold2 is now considered the ultimate bridge between foldables and the latest The gap in high-end silicon and charging technology: In other words, it looks more like a “normal” flagship smartphone than ever. It is currently expected to be about 10% lighter than its predecessor, however, as Like some of Vivo’s traditional high-end smartphones, the 50MP Sony IMX866 sensor is used as the main camera. Buy Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 on Amazon



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