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Vivo X Fold2 teardown video

Having seen the debut of the vivo X Fold2 in China yesterday, we already have a teardown video showing the components of the new device. Chinese blogger WekiHome shared a detailed teardown video of X Fold2.

X Fold2 teardown process Vivo X Fold2 disassembly diagram

Nearly 12 minutes of video also includes some camera samples and the latest vivo Benchmarks for folding phones. It’s always interesting to see the inner workings of a foldable phone, and we can see a detailed breakdown of the phone’s new hinge mechanism at 7:23 mark.

X Fold2 teardown process X Fold2 teardown process

Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset performance under constant stress Excellent, and its large copper alloy VC heatsink certainly helps in this regard. It takes 003 minutes to fully charge, and the phone reaches peak charge Speed ​​W.

Anyway, check out the full video below and remember Enable Closed Captioning and automatic translation into your language of choice if your Chinese is not fluent.



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