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Vogue Business Menswear Spring/Summer 2024 Size Inclusion Report

“I think designers have taken a step back,” said Corbyn, who has become one of the strongest advocates for size inclusivity in fashion in recent seasons, adding that this Regression makes past progress feel insincere.

Womenswear has come a long way, but menswear is less sizing-inclusive. Only appearances are presented, that is, 3, 12 appearances 0.4% of the SS23 menswear season, plus size menswear accounted for 9 menswear seasons 48 ratio, which is 0.6%, 137 women’s autumn and winter 12 styling.

Like last season, none of them topped the latest Vogue Business index 48 major luxury brands include the following: plus size models, although some like Gucci produce garments with inclusive size ranges up to IT55 or XXXL.

Milan especially lacks inclusivity in size SS 23. Scottish designer Charles Jeffrey was the only designer to feature at least one plus-size model in fashion shows and presentations. Some brands, such as Magliano and Dsquared2, showed a series of medium-sized models with different sizes (IT044-50 ) body type.

Charles Jeffrey is known for being gender diverse, but still finds there’s a lot more work to be done. He recently worked with Wimp, a focus group supporting trans and non-binary models, who suggested that, in addition to showing different gender ranges, it’s also important to make people of different body types more inclusive. Geoffrey worked with Street Character casting this season to ensure better size representation. “Menswear doesn’t seem to be getting the same level of attention and funding as womenswear, but with the transformation of menswear over the past few years, I do predict that it may develop further. There needs to be more people supporting these different sizes,” says Jeffrey .

Jeffrey featured two plus-size (XXL) models in this fashion show, but said his brand’s size range (up to XXL) limited him to casting larger models . Jeffrey says that while he can make custom garments, it can be more difficult to fit a larger size during the initial fitting.

“To solve this challenge, we ensure that garments can be easily tried on during the casting process, ensuring that each piece is artfully cut. However, our main goal is always to showcase the available size range, both on and off the runway.”




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