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Vogue Club Hosts First Founders Meet & Greet With Brilliant CEO Emma Grede

In the afterglow of the 2023 Golden Globes, Vogue Club hosted its inaugural Meet The Founder A few days later, the British businesswoman, Co-Founder and CEO of Good American, Founding Partner of Skims, Co-Founder of Safely and Chairman of the Board of Directors is known for Commitment Percentage. In conversation with Vogue

‘s Laura Paterson, Greider discusses everything from time management to being in

topics such as starting a first company at age , a career role model for her. Intimate cocktails and conversations take place at The Britely on the Sunset Strip in the heart of West Hollywood. Before Grede and Paterson take the stage, handcrafted canapés envisioned by chef Wolfgang Puck – they mingle in the speakeasy-like atmosphere of a WeHo social club featuring black-owned businesses Featuring flowers from Bia Blooms. Focus on their discussions? The importance of investing in women of color and honing your own entrepreneurial spirit,

“It’s a certain power that people underestimate you because they don’t see you coming,” Graeder said. “I never take anything seriously – I never let anything hurt me or hold me back. In fact, quite the opposite, I let it fuel me.”

Grede and Paterson continue their wide-ranging conversation—from body diversity in fashion to Good American’s open casting, From co-founding with the Kardashians to solving the unforeseen in a growing business. In the crowd, attendees laughed together and listened intently to Grede’s insights. (Overheard from partygoers: Homebody co-founder discusses how Grede’s partnership with 15 Percent Pledge has had a bearing on its Black-owned wellness brand had a huge positive impact.)

“Things you have to know as a founder,” Grede continued later in response to burning questions from Vogue Club members, “You’re going to make mistakes Right?? You’re going to fall. You can do good and start a business at the same time, but it’s about the relationship between those two things.”

Finally, as Thanks to the founder himself, Vogue Club members picked up some goodies from Grede’s chic label.

Vogue Club Meets Founder The series returns to Los Angeles in March . For more information, View 2023 Lineup And join the club!




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