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Vogue editors' favorite street looks of the year

I love this street style photo because it debunks some of the stories about menswear this year. Most of the discussion I see on 2022 online revolves around the death of the tie and the death of tailoring and formalwear, when I actually think we’re seeing it from a different angle Watch the revival of these sartorial traditions. Instead of thinking of suits and ties as uniforms, we’re reemerging them as just another style tool in our toolset. The vibe can be dressed up or more casual like we’ve seen here. No, suits aren’t out of style, and neither are ties—our friend wears two. —José Criales-Unzueta, Fashion News Writer, Vogue Runway

Paris, Fall Garment

Photographed by Phil Oh

Every time Zendaya steps out, you know she’s going to give us a jaw-dropping moment. This photo of her wearing head-to-toe pink Valentino PP is no different, and it makes me happy to see her having fun. -Alexis Bennett, Business Writer

Paris, Fall 2022 FASHION

Photography by Phil Oh

On the first day of the fashion show, Phil Oh sent a group of A-list stars in beautiful costumes. We got Tina Kunakey and husband Vincent Cassel head-to-toe Alaïa; Naomi Campbell; and guests in chainmail dresses fleeing Paco on motorcycles Rabanne show. But the most striking photo was of super stylist Aleksandra Woroniecka in the simplest outfit of the day. Leaning leisurely against the car, relaxed but potentially expensive jeans, holding a phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other completes this great street style shot. – Irene Kim, Vogue Runway Production and Editorial Coordinator



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