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Vogue's guide to Menorca, the liveliest Balearic island this summer

Just miles off the coast of Spain, the Balearic island of Menorca is known for its rocky bays, white-sand beaches and rolling valleys. And has unparalleled charm. beauty. For decades, the island has long been neglected, replaced by its flamboyant neighbors Ibiza and Mallorca, veritable European hotspots. But now, Menorca’s laid-back charm and spacious feel are drawing tourists to the island.

Bienebeker Old Town Vil. Photo: Getty Images

Known for its restored farmhouses, exquisite vineyards and whitewashed medieval villages, visitors seeking the tranquility and casual eateries of a hidden cove are drawn to this low-key haven, here Still retains the Balearic charm of a bygone era. Over the years, Natalia Wilmanski and Sandra Roters have documented the change, with Islanders, a concierge travel planning service for Menorca tourists. The co-founders see the island’s slow growth as its greatest asset, giving it time to create tourism in a unique way — and Roters thinks it’s the right way to go. In her words, “sustainable, ecological and cultural, chic and glamorous at the same time”.

They believe this is partly thanks to the island’s designation as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, which encourages locals and tourists Construction and development of controls. “Our outlook is a little bit different than our neighbors’,” Wilmanski said. “We want the island to continue as it is now, with increased demand throughout the year.”




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