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Voice actor Takahiro Sakurai confirms marital status to media

The talent agency intention was confirmed on Friday, and there were media reports about The voice actor Sakurai Takahiro is accurate. Weekly Bun Soon
The tabloid reported earlier the same day that when Sakurai was asked about his Whether or not to marry the former voice, he replied “yes” to the actor.

190193 The brokerage company said that Sakurai hopes not to announce things related to his private life, But confirm the published article is correct. The agency apologized for the disruption and asked fans to continue to support Sakurai. 190193 Sakurai’s marital status spread in February when he accidentally mentioned his “wife” on the “Comechat Countdown” live radio. During the show, Sakurai started mentioning how much people he knew liked it. He begins by saying “My wi—, uh, acquaintance really likes it”, followed by a nervous laugh. The rest of the cast seemed unimpressed by Sakurai’s blunder, and the show continued without comment. 190193 Although Sakurai Wen Shun confirmed his marital status was bluntly asked last week, he did not elaborate on his partner, saying that even if there is demand from the audience, he himself decided not to Talk openly about his marriage. Wen Shun
The reporter noticed that Sakurai was very polite and calm throughout the impromptu interview process . 190193 Sakurai’s many voice roles include 190193 in Griffith*), Tomioka Yoshisuke in , Suzaku in
, Ayana
, Arhat in , Reigen in 190193, Sasori in , Francis F. in , Izumo Kusanagi in 190193, and cloud in Final Fantasy VII .

Source: Intention’s website, Bunshun Online via Otakomu

Image via Sakura’s Intention profile201 190193




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