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Voice actors Yōko Hikasa, Hikaru Midorikawa diagnosed with COVID-19

Talent agency I am an enterprise

It was announced Saturday that voice actress Yoko Hikasa has been diagnosed with COVID- . Hikasa felt ill on Saturday and had an antigen test the same day. She is currently resting under the guidance of the local medical center.
Hikasa’s in-progress animation for the voice of the character includes (Kuroko Usami), (Yuzami),

(RiN), (Shirakawa Kiyomi), (Weiss Schnee), (Namie Ueno), and (Hizuka Mizuho). In related news, talent agency Oni Productions announced Monday that Voice ActorHikaru Midorikawa was diagnosed with COVID-19 – . Midorikawa had been running a fever on Sunday and was tested for COVID-19 on Monday. His “× Special Night” stage event scheduled for Friday at Ultra Heroes Expo 2022 has been cancelled.
Hikaru dubs Hikaru in the recently released movie , and also in the ongoing animation for the character Leopold Voiced by Camus de Charpentier.

Photo by I Am Enterprise and Oni

Source: I am a company, from Yagen Woodworking, Aoki Productions, Ultra Heroes Expo 2022 Website by Otakomu

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