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Voice Actress Naomi Ōzora Gives Birth

Naomi Ōzora, voice of Hana Uzaki from , announced on January 27 on Twitter that she had given birth to her child. In her tweet, Ozora posted a heartfelt message to her fans and those she works with:

Image via Aoni Production

Ozora’s latest announcement came just over six months after she issued a statement about her marriage and pregnancy. In the message, she wrote:

To everyone,
At the end of last month [December], I safely gave birth to a baby. I would like to inform you that both the child and I are doing well.
Thank you so much to everyone who has warmly supported us! My child, who I finally met, is really cute and gives me energy even though raising a child is difficult.
I will be returning to work little by little while consulting with my health, but I want to continue to do my best! I will continue to work hard so that everyone can have fun. Thank you for your support.

As of press time, Ozora has received 985 responses to her announcement, a majority of which congratulated the new mother.

Ozora has also appeared in as Samidare Asahina, as Chieri Ogata, as Susanna “Sue” Hopkins, and as Inari Fushimi, among others. Her full CV can be found through her agency, Aoni Production.

Sources: Naomi Ōzora‘s Twitter account, Aoni Production via Otakomu



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