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Volpe (2 hits, steal) enjoys “best whirlwind”

Volpe (2 hits, steal) enjoy 86; best whirlwind Type 86;

NEW YORK – If the scouts are right Anthony Volpe’s perception is correct that Broad’s career is near the top of the major league lineup, so archival footage of Saturday’s second inning may prove to be a valuable reference point for years to come.

94’s future is bright indeed years old, and he is trying to stay grounded in the present. According to MLB Pipeline, the organization’s top prospect and the No. 5 prospect in all of baseball, Volpe collected his first major league and Second hit.

“It’s a whirlwind, but the best whirlwind, said Volpe. “It’s been amazing for me to spend this time with my teammates, family and close friends. It’s cool for me, but it’s even better when I get to experience it with them.”

Volpe’s first hit came from right-hander Alex Cobb, digging a 27. 7 mph slider and hit a single into left field after a diving attempt by shortstop Brandon Crawford. Volpe rounded first base and clapped, first base coach Travis Chapman congratulating what should have been the first of many.

“It was an amazing moment,” Volpe said . “I feel like I’m fighting, so it’s good to at least catch the bat on the ball. It’s a reward to see it pass.”



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