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Volpe featured in latest rookie power rankings

there %The latest rookie strength ranking has changed

Welcome to the second edition94 Rookie strength ranking list. Once a month, the MLB Pipeline staff votes at the end of the season for who we think is most likely to be the Rookie of the Year.

Don’t miss those last words: end of season. If awards were given out now, we wouldn’t vote on who would win. Instead, we weigh performance to date against expectations for the remainder of the year, incorporating the judgment of our potential experts. As time goes on, the season’s stats will matter more, and expectations will disappear from the rankings.

Unsurprisingly, the rankings have changed a lot since preseason Big change. The voting results are as follows:

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Corbin Carroll

, OF, D-backs (previous ranking: 3)

we will Keep an eye on Carroll, who suffered a leg injury on Sunday, but has played exactly as expected so far. He shot to fame in the minor leagues. He came to the majors by accident last year. what do you know? He’s been playing all season. Carroll’s chances of bringing home NL hardware have also improved a lot — unfortunately, it should be noted — with Jordan Walker being drafted in the minors. Walker is second in the preseason standings, ahead of Carroll by a hair.

Gunnar Henderson , 3B, Orioles (Previous Rank: 1)
Unlike Carroll, Henderson didn’t get off to the best start. But we remain unmoved. He’s still painting his walks, and in the past few weeks he’s starting to get a feel for them. For the most part, everything in his history suggests he’ll be good. If he’s still starting at 1 when we return next month, that might be a different story. But now, we still believe.

Hunter Brown
, RHP, Astros (previously not ranked)

So it might be a bit of a miss for us. Brown is the top . , he has a rotation spot, at least at the beginning of the year. It shouldn’t surprise anyone when the Astros develop a young pitcher who can get things done at the major league level. Brown has allowed at least five strikeouts in each of his five starts, and in three of those games he has gone seven or more innings without hitting more than a run. He is impressive.

Brett Batty , 3B, Mets (not previously ranked)

This could be another preseason loss for us. Although Baty started the year with the Minors, there isn’t much reason to think he’ll be there for long. And, well, he didn’t. It took about three games for Barty to find his footing, but he hit the floor quickly, and he’s another guy who’s told you throughout history that he can play. He is a top 13 Outlook for daily work. He’s one to watch in the NL rookie game.

Josh Jung

, 3B, Rangers (previous ranking: 8)

Jung returned to college with high marks for his polish on the board and his ability to hit the ball. His strength is less certain. But during his brief stint at the Minors, his slugging percentage climbed at every level, and he hit seven extras on his final at-bat game. If the power plays, he’ll continue to appear in the top half of this list.

Masataka Yoshida, OF, Red Sox (previous ranking: 5)
Yoshida got off to a slow start and had a lower batting average than Mendoza in late April 12. But he’s been working out for nearly two weeks now, putting his season numbers in the range you’d expect — great hitting and moderate power. Due to his age (almost 26) , which is likely to be a less volatile asset than some of the names on this list.

USTC Senga

, RHP, Mets (previous ranking: 4)
Unlike his compatriot, Senga has played well but has cooled down a lot. He is allowed run and 12 Walking has started only once in his past three starts against a team that wasn’t in the bottom five in points per game. It’s not that he can’t — when he’s on the field, you can see the Mets’ excitement about him as a potential addition. But he needs to start throwing more balls and getting deep into the game.

James Outman

, OF, Dodgers (not previously ranked)

Well, of course we didn’t see this, but neither did anyone else. Outman, who entered the year as the Dodgers’ No. 8 rookie in a few weeks, is an interesting player who gets better as he climbs the ladder, but still seems to be at the major league level. An uncertain bet. He’s been a beast so far, hitting seven home runs in his first month. How long he can last remains to be seen, but if he lasts another month, you can bet he’ll be higher on the next hot list.

Grayson Rodriguez

, RHP, Orioles (previously unranked)

Rodriguez, our No. 2 right-handed pitching prospect and No. 5 overall, could qualify as another miss in the season-opening rankings. To be fair, he seemed to be out of a pretty safe rotation spot during spring training, so it’s understandable to wonder how long he’ll be with Triple-A. The answer is measured in days, not weeks, and he’s been improving since his promotion. Rodriguez was scoreless in back-to-back games, and his last out came with nine strikeouts in five innings. He is likely to rise.

Anthony Volpe

, SS, Yankees (Previous Rank: 6)
It’s in this space that you are warned that Volpe might take a little time to adjust, which he has done. We still love him long-term, maybe even mid-term. He does a few things well, like walking and stealing bases. If you remove his 4-for- Rates will look much better to start with. He’ll be fine, but there’s a small hill he’ll need to climb to secure the hardware.




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