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Volpe hits first two triple-A homers

Volpe hits first two triple-A home runs

This is only Anthony Volpe’s sixth game at Triple-A, but from his bat swinging The way you’d think he was wearing pinstripes.

MLB’s no .5 Overall Prospect He hit his first two homers at the Minors’ top level in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre’s 7-2 win over Durham on Thursday night – One left midfielder, one right midfielder. It was his first multi-base performance since last June , It was also his second straight season that the Yankees’ top prospect left the yard at least 20 times.

“It feels good to help the team win, ‘ said Volpe. “ItA GREAT CLUB# We’ve welcomed me in since I got the call last week, so it feels really good to win with them.”

whether it is .s Single-A or Triple-A, Volpe said, the Yankees’ organization makes it easy for players to adjust levels.

“Common information from one member to the next is true It was helpful that the transition was very seamless,” Volpe said. “Everyone. is preaching the same thing, so when you are called, your daily Work won’t ; don’t have to change, you’ll feel like you can fly Soaring into the sky.”

This04-year-olds certainly don’t. doesn’t look like him& #46;s miss took a beat. Not only has he recorded at least one hit in every game he’s played, but in an early taste of what could happen next year, Volpe led Wednesday’s game against recovering Rays ace Tyler Glasnow — And made 5 pitches.

He was the only one in his vs. Glasnow A batter who hits a base in a game works an inning.

“It was a great experience”Wo Erpe said. “Even before the game, having a game plan for a pitcher of this caliber really helped me get on target.”

The high level of pitch selection was on full display on Thursday. He finished the count on both occasions despite the shortstop hitting and grounding on his first two at-bats. He did the same for his first meal of the day.

step In the fifth inning, right-hander Jeremy Walker scored a perfect score against Volpe. The right-handed slugger turned in the sixth pitch in the upper-mid half and slid a few rows in right center for a single jack, his first at Triple-A.

It didn’t take him that long to leave the yard for the second time. The New Jersey native was outscored 0-1 in the seventh by left-hander Angel Perdomo, this time taking it to left center for another solo.

“This is my rookie ball since Facing the Rays for the first time,” Volpe said. “But talking to the guys who’ve faced them in the majors, I see them trying to throw a different shot at you every time with a different pitcher, right or left, different arm positions, different types of Pitching action. Each at-bat is different.”

Volpe has a chance The third long ball in nine innings, but despite getting the green light in a 3-0 run, he flew to the right to end his night of two home runs.

“I do not have. not sure if I had to try to hit a home run, but 3-0 was the best hit One of the numbers,” Volpe said. “I think it’s a good place in the game to take chances and get good grades.”

Volpe is wrapping up the 2022 campaign stronger than ever. He has already stole a career high 46 bases and is 5 away from surpassing his career high Hits and 3 doubles 2022 and 35 were set by him last season, respectively.

with No. 3 prospect Oswald Perazza (MLB number 46) and no. Prospect Osvaldo Cabrera recently made his major league debut, and the future is now in Bronx. 2022


“It’s beautiful to me And for everyone else in the organization, it’s been amazing to see them succeed,” Volpe said. “It gave us something worth working on.”




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