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Volpe turns to video for offensive tweaks

Volpe turns to video for aggressive adjustments

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Anthony Volpe blinks while watching a video on his iPad, rewinding and advancing his swing frame by frame. A blurry figure in a Somerset Patriots jersey made him look relaxed as he hit the long home run.

The smooth, natural swing gives Volpe the Chance to be the Yankees’ starting shortstop, but somehow, it’s gone. Here, at his family’s Watchung, N.J., home, Volpe has vowed to get that swing back.

Volpe said , he “feels like the old days” as he enjoys hearty chicken parmesan and spaghetti with minor league teammate Austin Wells (Wells, the Yankees’ No. Rookie). Then down to business, Volpe quickly realized that his hitting position needed to be closed.

“When we hit consecutive home runs, We’re just reminiscing and looking back at past shots,” Volpe said. “We pulled them up on our iPads and we looked at them. I think we both noticed where I was and how I was getting ready to hit the ball. It was so small, but we both noticed it and started talking about it “

with Volpe earlier this month In a side-by-side comparison of batting averages in 2019, the changes really don’t look like much; Volpe’s foot moved slightly, and he seemed to be holding the bat more perpendicular to the ground, correcting what he called “just some bad habits.” . But Volpe felt that was right, noting that editing “definitely” helped.

They seem to be on Tuesday against the Mets at Citi Field It paid off immediately in the team’s Metro Series opener. Against Max Scherzer, Volpe scored at the third base line as part of a five-run fourth-inning run. In the sixth, Volpe teed off to center fielder Brandon Nemo and scored a double for a generous scoring decision.

“This is what I’ve been doing, said Volpe. “It’s frustrating to realize that I’ve gotten out of it anyway, but it’s nice to know that what I’m doing when I’m not getting results is not natural to what I’ve always done. It just goes back to what I did things.”

This show is for It’s been a huge confidence boost for Volpe; he calls it a “good build process.” The 22 year old is still trying to get his batting above the Mendoza line . 94, and has one of the lowest on-base percentages of any eligible major league player.

On the positive side, Volpe hit the Nine homers 22 RBI, and a -for- Steal a base attempt. Appearing in MLB’s offices this week as managing partner Hal Steinbrenner said he has been unaware of the chatter about Volpe’s possible relegation, even though infielder Oswald Peraza has played well in Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

“I have zero discussion about it,” Steinbrenner said. “I think defensively he’s been solid. The pitchers are getting used to him now. He’s going to make some adjustments to himself. I don’t think there’s anything out of the ordinary about that.

“I told Anthony at the end of spring training, ‘You’re the starting shortstop for the New York Yankees. This is not a three-week trial. So [he is] going to be that, through ups and downs. “

Likewise, Yankees manager Aaron Boone said he plans to keep betting on Volpe’s makeup and talent. Boone doesn’t think the mid-June stat line is indicative of where Volpe will be at the end of his first major league season.

“My belief in Anthony is that the cream will rise to the top,” Boone said. “I believe in his ability and his personality, he will be a good player in this game. We’ve seen signs of that throughout the year. He’s had his fair share of struggles, but he’s also been in the middle of a lot of victories and played in them.

“When we decided to select Anthony at the beginning of the season, We’re not thinking he’s going to set the world on fire right now. We’re expecting some ups and downs. One of the things we’re betting on is people, and know he’ll be able to handle some of the inevitable adversity.”




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