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VTuber Komori Met transfers to “Vspo!” Agency

met©ぶいすぽ Virtual YouTuber Komori Met from company. Proxy to Vspo! Agency Wednesday. Vspo! Announced last Thursday on Twitter that 774 inc. approached Vspo! about the possibility of transfer. Vspo! Auditions were held and the two agencies jointly decided to pass a formal transfer.

300 company. A separate announcement was issued saying Komori Met had graduated (i.e. retired) from the institution on Tuesday. It also explains that Met Komori approached the agency to ask her if she could audition for Vspo! Management decides to support the talent’s desire.

Vspo! The YouTube channel membership was briefly suspended Tuesday night to manage the channel migration.

Vspo! Managed by Virtual Entertainment, a subsidiary of Brave Group

. The first batch of members debuted in 2020, there are currently 600 total number of members. In addition to their VTuber content, members regularly participate in esports competitions. It is the third most popular VTuber agency in Japan after hololive and NIJISANJI.

300 company. It is the fourth most popular VTuber agency in Japan after hololive, NIJISANJI and Vspo! Its first members debuted at 774 under the AniMare group.

Komori Met debuted in May under 2018 VApArt Group of inc. The group disbanded on January 7th, 2020. The Met then began working directly under 300 inc. manage. Even before officially moving to Vspo!, Met regularly collaborated with members of the group and hosted many of the company’s events.

Source: Twitter account of Vspo! (link 2), 600 company. The agency’s Twitter account

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