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Wally Campo, actor of 'Little Shop of Horrors' and other Roger Corman films, dies at 99

Wally Campo, Roger Corman regular, did his best. Joe Friday imitates Sgt. Joe Fink, who was also the narrator in the original The Little Shop of Horrors , has passed away. He is 91.

Campo died in January 14 His son, musician Tony Campodonico, told The Hollywood Reporter .

Campo also played one in Beast From Haunted Cave at Monte Hellman Fool (1958) and director in Hell Squad

Burt Topper featured (1958), Tank Commando (1960) — his highest grossing — Victor Buono starring The Strangler (1962).

Campo appeared in Corman’s Machine-Gun Kelly (1950),

Ski troop attack (1961) and Horror Stories (1962) and by Corman ) Devil’s Angel (1964). Many of his films were shot at the filmmaker’s low-budget American International Pictures studio.

His credits also include Edward Demetrik Warlock (1958), Vincent Price Master of the World (1961) and Shock Corridor (1962), by Sam Fuller directs. , 91, in Stockton, CA, where he served during World War II and made it to Iwo Jima .

After attending Pacific College, he came to Los Angeles on 1958 and joined Hollywood’s Orchard Gables Repertory Theater Company, founded by husband-and-wife actors Paul Sorenson and Jacqueline May.

Campo met his future wife, actress Geraldine Matthews, where they collaborated on stages around Los Angeles, including Studio City The Showplace Theater. He also teaches acting at Orchard Gables and his own Actors Studio.

Campo directed a documentary in Africa, India and America, Mark of Guns(1964). Shot by László Kovács, it was released the same year as another film Easy Rider .

Except for his son – as a young actor, he was on ABC’s General Hospital as Scotty Baldwin — survivors include his daughter-in-law Cheryl, and grandsons Laurena and Jade.



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