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Wanope clown manga ends in next chapter

joker Kodansha ‘s this year’s No. Issue 8 magazine revealed on Thursday Satoshi Miyagawa and Keisuke Gotō’s Wanope Joker (Joker: The One-Man Operation) manga Will take its next chapter. The final chapter of the manga will not appear in the next issue of the magazine, as the manga is serialized irregularly.

The story of the comic begins when Batman suddenly and inexplicably turns into a baby. The clown finds the baby and takes him in with plans to raise the baby and turn his nemesis from the dark knight into the second clown prince of crime.

Miyagawa and Goto in Comic January was launched 2022 as a collaboration between the magazine and DC Comics a part of. Kodansha published the second volume of the manga in February .

Miyakawa and Kai Kitagō also presented Superman vs. Meshi: Superman no Hitori Meshi(Superman Vs Food: Superman Dine Alone) manga in Kodansha ‘s June Magazine and App2021 as part of the same collaboration. The second phase of the collaboration also includes manga creator duo Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi (, ) exist December400.

Miyagawa and Ito Kai Initiated Got () manga on Shinchosha website in October and end with 282. This manga inspired a 282 animated series which premiered in April . Crunchyroll aired the episode in Japan and Funimation English dubbed was played. The second season premieres in October 2015. Crunchyroll reruns the series with subtitles, and Funimation A dubbed version aired in Japan.

Source: Issue 8 2021



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