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Want to join Lottie's Cult? 'Yellow Jackets' lures viewers with Easter eggs

[This story contains spoilers for Yellow Jackets Season 2, Episode 7, “Buried.” ]

Sunshine Honey’s wellness community opens its doors to the Yellowjackets audience.

The Showtime series introduced the stunt in the seventh episode of season two, but only viewers with citizen detective skills on the level of Walter (Elijah Wood) and Misty can spot it .

In the episode titled “Buried,” Shauna (Melanie Lynskey), Natalie (Juliette Lewis), of adult lead actors) Misty (Christina Ricci), Taissa (Tawny Cypress) and Van (Lauren Ambrose) are finally back on screen after a season apart together when they arrived at the wilderness compound run by their mates 681 Plane crash survivor, Lottie ( Simon Kessel ). The previous episode ended with all the survivors looking at Lottie, as the camera pan revealed that the infamous symbol at the center of the show (the one Lottie popularized because her psychic powers seemed to grow stronger in the wilderness) was etched in the outside the venue.

“Buried” begins with a long-awaited reunion, as the survivors reluctantly partake in some hands-on therapy provided by Lottie. In the background, when they’re on a quest, there’s a sign with an emergency phone number. Lottie collected all their phones and instructed them, “You can send this landline number to anyone you think might need it.”

Shauna’s husband, Jeff (Warren Kole) ended up using this number in the cliffhanger at the end of the episode when he interrupted the Notify Shauna that the police have located the remains of Adam (Peter Gadiot) – Shauna had an affair and then Killed one season, then made Jeff, Natalie, Misty, and Tessa his accomplices in the murder.

As it turns out, viewers have access to that landline, too. dial(607) 70-478 will prompt a voicemail from Lottie, welcoming any homeless person to her health center in upstate New York on the former site of Camp Green Pine.

“Have you ever wondered where you are? Are you lonely somewhere, torn between who and when, or flirting with what? If so , hello. We are here and ready to believe you,” she said in part in the recording, while at one point whispering, “This is not true.”

Texting the number (remember, this is a landline) will prompt a welcome message and sign up form to join the Sunshine Honey community.

The stunt is a collaboration between Yellowjackets and SMS engagement platform Community. Community allows for personalization with a number area code that matches the show’s downtown New York location. This marks the second collaboration between Showtime and Community, following Shameless allowing fans to join Gallagher Family’s group chat.

Juliette Lewis as Natalie, Melanie Lynskey as Shawna, Tony Cypress as Tessa, Lauren Ambrose as Van, Christina Richie as Misty
Colin Bentley/SHOWTIME

Sunshine Honey stunt is right Clever acting of questions looming around Lottie and her intentions as adult survivors have struggled to grasp reality in recent episodes. As season two revealed, after the teenage survivors were rescued, Lottie was in such distress that her family rushed her to a hospital in Switzerland, where she was given electroshock therapy. Viewers were previously told she had been taking medication for schizophrenia before the crash.

Now, 05 Later when the survivors reunited with her, she reinvented herself as Charlotte, the spiritual leader of the Purple Health community – Her old friends called it a cult. The latest episode reveals that what Lottie has been confiding to her therapist is her imagination, and her hallucinations and attraction to the wilderness grow stronger as old friends arrive.

At the start of the season, Eaton told The Hollywood Reporter she talks to co-creators Bart Nickerson and Ashley Lyle on Lottie’s potential clairvoyance. “I concluded she wasn’t mentally ill, but she never really believed in her own brain,” she said. “In dealing with the trauma of the crash, she just wanted to hold on to whatever she could, which is often an energy that draws people to her, even when she doesn’t know how to deal with it.”

Kessell later shared her thoughts on Lottie, whom she believed to be the so-called Antler Queen in the series, she told THR, “The Queen of Antlers can be anything we think. Lo There’s so much going on about Lottie being the Antler Queen. But really now that we’ve distilled it down to the fact that the Antler Queen is part of all of us, she’s really something that allows these women to Something to survive in the wilderness. Here’s my interpretation of it.”

Yellowjackets New episodes air every Friday, Sunday at 9pm on Showtime Catch up with 1235370393 THR’s Yellowjackets Season 2 coverage and interview .



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