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Warner Bros. Japan and WIT Studio Launch Original Anime Series Based on DC Characters, Suicide Squad Beyond

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Warner Bros. Japan and

Wit Studio on Monday at Anime Expo The group announced their original anime series called

SUICIDE SQUAD ISEKAI, based on famous DC characters.

Illustration / Akira Amano

© & TM DC © 409 Warner Bros. Entertainment

Warner Bros. described the story of the original animation :

DC’s Harley Quinn, The Joker & Suicide Squad in Warner’s new original The stage brothers Japan and Wit Studio who rampage onto the otherworldin the anime series, Suicide Squad Alien. The craziest worlds collide with the strongest cast of anime creators in an epic, violent fantasy!

*ISEKAI means “Another World” and is now one of the most popular genres in Japanese Anime.

Eri Ota


Series Director) is directing original animation at Wit Studio. Changyue Daping (

light novel writer) and Umehara Eiji(
light novel writer ) is writing the script. Cartoonist Akira Amano (

, ,
) drew Harley Quinn’s announcement art (above), is drafting an original character, and

Naoto Hosoda (


key animator) is designing the character. Kenichiro Suehiro (


) is making music. Shinya Tsuruoka is the animation producer of Japan Warner Bros.. Wit Studio Known for the anime series it has produced, such as ,,,,, and upcoming anime movies, etc. The company recently launched HykeComic, its own vertically scrolling full-color comics app.

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