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Warriors' Huaska Enoa undergoes Tommy John surgery; out of season

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

This Atlanta Braves will be without pitcher Huascar Ynoa for the foreseeable future. It was announced Wednesday that the right-hander underwent Tommy John surgery. Ynoa last pitched in April and has only made two appearances this season.

In 6.2 innings after the 24-year-old made those two starts and allowed 10 Winning the game, the Warriors drafted him to Triple-A. He’s not much better at that level, having a 5.68 ERA in 18 games prior to this setback. Ynoa will likely miss the entire 2023 season and his recovery from surgery that could take more than a year recovered in.

His best season is coming in 2021, he posted 4.05 ERA, 1.11 ERA in 91 innings WHIP and 100 strikeouts.

However, Atlanta Journal-Constitution noted that “he’s been different since he played an anti-air bench and broke his hand over the course of that season”.

Ynoa had a 3.02 ERA in nine appearances prior to that incident and looks good to him is becoming a major contributor to the eventual World Series title. However, since his return from injury, he has a 5.05 ERA in nine starts. Atlanta also removed him from the playoffs due to an inflammation of the right shoulder.

Now it could be as early as 2024, until he gets a chance to return to the team’s rotation.



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