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Warriors' Kyle Wright becomes MLB's first 20-game winner after winless last season

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Atlanta Braves starter Kyle Wright added another milestone to his stellar 2022 season on Saturday.

The right-hander becomes the first MLB pitcher to beat the Warriors 6-3 He scored two runs in 5.1 innings against the Philadelphia Phillies, winning 20 games this season. Atlanta Braves @ Braves

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Wright entered the season with 2 career wins (both in 2020) in 21 games, including two starts at 9.95 The ERA was 0-1 last year.

“I don’t know if I realize how cool this is until my teammates and coaches congratulate me soon,” Wright told reporters after the game. “It’s a team stat and I can’t do it without them scoring and defending.”

The 26-year-old success is yet another testament to how well Atlanta’s players have developed in recent years. Wright was the No. 5 overall player selected by the Warriors in the 2017 draft. The following year, he made his major league debut, posting a 4.50 ERA in four bench appearances.

Atlanta places Wright in the starting rotation to start the 2019 season. In Game 3 against the New York Mets, he struggled to get out of the gate after running six straight in 3.2 innings and was drafted to Triple-A. He finished with an 8.69 ERA in seven games.

During the shortened 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Wright made it through the major leagues After a whole year. He has a 5.21 ERA and a 1.55 WHIP in eight starts. Despite his poor 2021 performance, Warriors GM Brian Sniteke Wright showed great confidence by using his relief in Game 6 of the World Series. He took over for Dylan Lee in the first half of the first inning and lost in 4.2 innings against the Houston Astros. Atalanta went 3-2 to win the game for the first time since 1995 World Series Champion. Now, in his second full season, Wright has started (29), He broke his career highs in innings (175.1) and strikeouts (171). The Vanderbilt alum is the second National League pitcher to win 20 games in a season since 2017 (Julio Urias, 2021). The last time Atlanta had a 20-game winner was Las Ortiz in 2003 . Wright’s win also helps Warriors win 1.5 games in new season York Mets in NL east. Both teams are already locked in playoff berths, but the division champions will likely be able to avoid the wild-card round.



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