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WATCH: Adam Thielen Spits Up Turkey in NBC Interview

Adam Thielen had 9 catches for 61 yards and a winning touchdown for the Vikings Improved to 9-2 with a 33-26 victory over the Patriots. Turkey Day Victory ends with Thielen, Justin Jefferson and Kirk Cousins ​​ended up munching on a turkey leg in a postgame interview on NBC.

“it is A little dry,” Thielen said, before walking away and spitting it out. Apparently, Thielen thought he was walking away from the camera, but the camera crew followed him and captured the moment on live television.

Kirk Kao Sins seems to enjoy turkey legs. Jefferson didn’t eat anything on TV as he had a diamond grill dangling from his mouth. Patrick Peterson didn’t participate in the postgame interview, but he sneaked in and stole a leg for himself.


Jefferson’s nine catches for 139 yards and double coverage on a pivotal 37-yard reception set up Thielen’s game-winning 15-yard touchdown.



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