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Watch Aubrey Plaza, Tina Fey, Bowen Yang and more celebs demand better for their industry on the SAG picket line

Temperatures in Los Angeles have seemingly hovered around 90 degrees every day for the past few weeks, but high-profile actors who have gathered on picket lines to protest wage stagnation, the lack of a fair base pay for the remainder, and Hollywood’s unregulated use of potentially job-displacing artificial intelligence don’t appear to be deterred by the temperatures.

Film and TV writers have been on strike with the WGA since May, but have seen high-profile actors join their colleagues. Writing the words that made them famous on the picket line sent a clear message to studios: Hollywood will not be divided. It’s a united town, as they say, and unity best serves the interests of the writers and actors, even if it does require a lot of work around clever picket signs on a hot day.

Below is a roundup of celebrities, including Rosario Dawson, Annette Bening, Bowen Young, and Mandy Moore, who have been on the picket lines around LA and NYC, fighting not only for their rights, but for the well-being of all TRA members (most of whom, it should be said, don’t even make enough money a year to qualify for the union’s health insurance):



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