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WATCH: Israel Adesanya reacts to Leon Edwards KO Kamaru Usman

in recent UFC history Fighting, you can add Israel Adesanya to the list of people who can’t believe their eyes when Leon Edwards beat Kamaru Usman in the last minute of Saturday night’s world title fight in Salt Lake City.

Usman and Adesanya forged a close bond as two of the most prominent African-born warriors in history, So much so that Usman has previously suggested he will skip two divisions in order to seek a new challenge in his undefeated UFC fight to avoid having to take on Adesanya at middleweight – but you can imagine , those plans have changed dramatically considering the circumstances that led to his stunning KO at UFC 278 on Edwards’ hand (well, the shin).

Adesanya captured his reaction to the amazing ending on his personal YouTube channel, which you can see below, after Adesanya said he saw E 170lbs The heavy dwarf was the greatest threat to his friends.

“The biggest threat to the Kamaru throne is Leon Edwards,” Usman said before the game . “I’m going with Kamaru now because of his momentum. Plus, I know how hard he works. Usman is a motivated guy now and I think [Edwards] is a man worthy of this title Man, because he has been ignored for so long.”

But when the end came, Adesanya couldn’t help but be happy for Edwards.

“What a great ending, like a real Loki story,” he said. “It matches his name, new UFC welterweight champion Leon ‘Rocky’ Edwards. Bittersweet, I’m happy for Leon and Tim [Simpson], but sad for Kamaru. I know they’ll have [three] part] or something like that.

“He won the first round, Kamaru said ‘yes’, then the second, third and fourth. The fifth round of Leon just started and I even think he was discouraged by being knocked down. His coach gave him that speech at the end of the fourth quarter, just before the fifth, and it got him excited. This is the game we play, congratulations to Leon Edwards. ”




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