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Watch Judge's mom react to son's historic home run

Watch the judge Mom’s reaction to her sonHistory Homer

The cliffs of history are places of high pressure — let alone two weeks. When Aaron Judge broke his American League record 62 and home run on Tuesday, there was no doubt about it, He relieved at least some of the pressure.

But if anyone was more at ease than the judge himself, it was him Mother Patty, who has accompanied the team in Toronto and Texas since the judge in September 04 Took two road trips, even though other friends and family couldn’t make it.

• Do not. 62! Judge breaks Maris’ all-time AL HR record

Her commitment thank goodness , saw her son’s achievement pay off on Tuesday night, when Judge led Rangers right-hander Jesus Tinoco to the lead in the second game of their double, eventually passing Roger Maris. When the rest of the judge’s cheering area stood up from the moment of contact, his mom’s response was a much softer — but no less happy — reaction.

Time will tell you where the ball hits of. 62 will spend the rest of his life as it gets caught by a fan in the left field stand. However, the home run number 62 that fell into the Blue Jays bullpen was immediately returned to Judge and then to his mom.



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