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Watch Lupita Nyong'o's Styling Life, From Yale Play to Wakanda Warrior

Since Lupita Nyong’o won an Oscar in 12 Years a Slave After his breakthrough role of , the actor has mastered red carpet fashion as a way of expressing himself. Her heritage has received powerful nods over the years, such as when she paired an African-inspired hijab with a colorful Carolina Herrera gown. Or, for her secondVogue cover, she went back to her ancestral home in Kenya and donned a Chanel dress. Who can forget she had her own Wikipedia page when she accepted an Oscar in a blue Prada dress?

It turns out that Nyong’o has long turned fashion to his advantage. Even as a starving, wide-eyed student at the prestigious Yale School of Drama. In Vogue’s brand new video, Nyong’o reflects on some of her most memorable outfits and traces her extraordinary journey from Yale theater actress to box-office star.

Our journey begins with Nyong’o reviewing her role as Mephisto in Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights, the play By legendary “Lost Generation” author Gertrude Stein. Nyong’o plays the role of a student at the Yale School of Drama in the 2011 production and wears a “neutral” suit for the character. “This time at Yale was really rich,” the actor said of his upbringing. “I remember thinking, ‘If I don’t perform the day after the show, I’ll be fine. Because I’ve done it all.'” She added with a laugh, “I’m glad I did, though. Still acting.”

Yale, Nyong’o will make his Golden Globe debut. The actor wore a Ralph Lauren red cape and gown to the 2014 commemorative occasion. In fact, the size was the first dress the star tried on for the ceremony. “I love it, the design of the cape is so bold,” Nyong’o shared. “Vogue is actually trying to use this dress as a cover. It’s either going to be in Vogue or it’s going to be On me.” The actor won the gown.

Another win: Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, Nyong’o for her role in years of slavery . The actor displayed fairy-tale luxury in a soft blue dress by Prada, which featured a flowy pleated skirt that draped to the floor. The viral dress was the result of Nyong’o’s stylist asking how she wanted to feel on the big night. Nyong’o responded, “I wanted to feel like I was floating…that’s how I felt at the time.” Then Nyong’o offered some sage fashion wisdom, “You wear a gown almost the same way you wear it. important.”



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