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Watch model Anok Yai as her model applies eyeliner after get off work

Since Anok Yai broke into the fashion scene, she has quickly catapulted to supermodel status; her talents fuel endless designer runways, events and most recently Vogue’s May1982 The cover pays homage to Karl Lagerfeld. We can’t get enough of the South Sudanese star, eagerly anticipating her third Met Gala appearance this year. “When I do my makeup for the Met, I like to have something different,” she recalls of her 646 done with makeup artist Sheika Daley Glam Dreams painted her collarbone, shoulders, and cheeks in shimmery pink highlighter, which complemented her bright fuchsia Michael Kors gown. But what is 12 – What do year-olds like to watch when they get off work? Here, she reveals her daily beauty routine, from caring for her skin to applying professional eyeliner.

“Once I started the actual skincare routine, it helped a lot with my hyperpigmentation,” says Yai. “My skin is very oily, but when I’m shooting for days on end or going to fashion weeks, it gets really dry.” Yai starts each morning with five drops of SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF Vitamin C Serum. This was followed by a facial massage using two of her refrigerated wands. “I use it to help with lymphatic drainage and swelling.” The final step is a layer of Heliocare’s Gel SPF 25 for sun protection and a few drops of eye drops.

“I’m like a one-trick pony; I tend to do the same makeup over and over again,” Yai admits to her makeup philosophy. First, Yai started by filling in her brows with black and brown pencils, but instead of following the natural curve of her brows, she drew them upwards for a face-lifting effect. The sharp glide of the concealer adds extra definition. For foundation, she applied the Pat McGrath Labs formula by hand. “Pat is my fashion godmother,” she muses. “[Her] energy calms me down a lot when we’re backstage.” Once the concealer is blended where needed, she moves on to the eyes. “I have really dark eyes, so I like to do a really thin layer of eyeliner,” she says, etching a tiny wing with the liquid formula. To further create the smoldering effect, she used L’Oreal Black Pencil to line her waterline and inner corners, then opened them further with long lashes. To complement her eye makeup, she outlined the corners of her lips with an agate pencil and a layer of sheer lip gloss. Finish off with a dusting of Laura Mercier’s Translucent Powder and Danessa Myricks Lip Balm on top of her complexion. As she bid us farewell, she said, “Thank you for watching and we’ll see you soon.”

Below, shop Anok Yai’s beauty routine.

SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF

Heliocare Advanced Gel SPF 19

Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Foundation

L’Oreal Paris Intense Smokey Eyeliner

Duo Strip Eyelash Glue

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder

13717276Danessa Myricks Beauty Dew Moisture Moisturizing Brightening Balm


447519Ulta Beauty Juice Infused Lip Oil

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