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Watch “Modern Day Barbie” on Vogue World's Lori Harvey Channel

Vogue World Fashion Show in New York has stars – embedded in Front row, including Doja Cat, Lil Nas X and Kravis. Also in the VIP area? Model and entrepreneur Lori Harvey allows Vogue to be part of her prep in a new video.

Harvey’s Vogue World glamour began with a wake-up call at her hotel. “It’s fashion week and I’m busy, so I need some extra help,” admits Harvey. After Harvey became obsessed with face masks, makeup artist James Calliadros got to work. “We’re going for the glamour of the modern Barbie,” Harvey said. “Really beautiful skin, my signature nude lip.” Hairstylist Ray Christopher tied her hair into a sleek bun.

After taking some time to eat some Shake Shack—“a big bag of greasy chips just makes me happy,” Harvey says— – Time to get dressed. Stylist Elly Karamoh sensed a fun, youthful ensemble and opted for a look in San Sintra, New York. “The look we were going for was really colorful and eclectic,” he said of the multicolored feather skirt and white corset top. For accessories, they added a pair of Louboutin heels. “Which, if you know it you know it,” Harvey said. “Your feet will scream. But they have a very powerful, refined look.”

READY Harvey shares her full look, and she often sends her parents red carpet looks or press looks for their approval. “My mom would have texted me when she saw this and asked me to send her the dress,” Harvey said with a laugh. “My dad was simpler: He’d send some fire emoji.” After taking a few pictures by the window and in the elevator, Harvey went to the Vogue World show — hopping on her party bus and looking like she wanted to be modern Barbie doll.

above, watch the full video.

Director: Maya Margolina

Director of Photography: Steven Mastorelli

Editor: Michael Suyeda



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