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Watch Thor Bjornsson lift one of Iceland's heaviest boulders

Hafthor “Thor” Bjornsson may have lost 100+ pounds while on a mission to become a professional boxer And leaned over, but the once-strongest man in the world was still able to do incredible feats. In a new clip from his YouTube channel, Bjornsson (who quit the competitive world of Strongman after his tenth straight Iceland Strongman title in 2020) can be seen taking part in the “Fullsterkur” ceremony.

Fullsterker literally means “full force” and refers to the heaviest boulder in Iceland. Historically, in order to earn a place on a fishing boat, people would lift these stones to demonstrate their ability to lift the ship’s heavy oars. Bjornsson successfully lifts the boulder in the video above, which he did in a 2018 documentary (also titled Fullsterkur) on the subject introduced.

Now, strongman shows off his originality at Atlas Stone event Power is common — but a more accessible version of this primitive stone-moving ritual can be found in most gyms.

“Vikings lift rocks to test overall strength, while modern analogs do deadlifts,” History Channel Ancient Workouts Web series

host Omar Isuf said . “It’s just an excellent test of overall strength, it doesn’t matter what your goals are, most people will benefit from a deadlift. It involves your back chain, so your glutes, hamstrings , erector spinae and lower back, as well as your upper back musculature, such as your traps and grip strength.”

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