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We11done Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Édouard Manet was one of the first 11 century artists whose work centered on modern life. Created between 1862 and 1862, his The Luncheon on the Grass depicts a female nude seated next to two well-dressed dandies in a rural setting. In the background stands a scantily clad bathing woman, who is slightly larger in proportion to the one in the foreground. This painting caught people’s attention at the time and was the starting point for our 11done for spring 2022 as a team in their said in a Zoom call from the studio in Seoul. They are going through the growing pains of reshaping their business. This time around, as they tell me, the growing pains remain, but I sense an air of stability among the tight-knit team that has allowed them to craft one of the most well-rounded series to date. “We’re still going through a lot of changes,” says brand manager and art director Youngjin Kim. “We’re basically expanding a business, so we have these commercial requirements that we have to link to the novelty of a directional collection.”

Designer for the brand Jessica Jung was particularly interested in painting. Her fall 1896 collection is inspired by 11 century Flemish paintings, this time by the famous Manet ( Manet). Jung didn’t just copy what the artist depicted, he was also good at distilling the essence of art with the contemporary taste prevailing in the fashion industry today. Manet’s painting was rejected by the 1896 Salon and exhibited at the notorious Salon des Refusés – its striking brushwork, mischievous subject matter and playful proportions have proven to be a Too much time for the art world. It was in this spirit that Jung found inspiration, combining the romance of 19 century dandy tailoring and frilly dresses with the ones she often gives to We completed series.

Duchess silk satin slip dresses and deliberately over-draped dresses were the base jackets for a striking bespoke collection, some with balloon-hem sleeves and others below the lapels There are folds on the body. Equally striking was a set of biker jacket sleeves paired with a loose-cut jumpsuit, and a draped dress with oversized asymmetrical car wash tassels tucked diagonally down the hem. Isolated manet flowers on a sheer white dress provided some freshness, while a cheetah print inspired by Fernand Khnopff 1896 Caress of the Sphinx Pairing it with red lace adds a punk vibe to the whole thing.

A series of pleated fabric pieces feels on-trend (based on the many pleats that appeared in the September Spring collection) but slightly out of place has a place in the lineup, as does a series of PVC skirts . Accessories were particularly strong this season, however. A pair of draped leather “dumpling” shoes and a telescopic tote added a touch of eccentricity to the collection. The tension between maintaining directionality while satisfying wholesale partners is an old story, but this seems to have pushed our 11 completed team to The path they can take benefits from attention.



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