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Wear OS 4 might finally let you switch phones without factory reset

Google recently released its Wear OS 4 beta software, and Samsung quickly integrated its One UI 5 Watch beta into its Galaxy Watch4 and Watch5 series, so people can familiarize themselves with the changes before the final version of the software hits the masses. Perhaps one of the most interesting new changes to Wear OS will be the ability to change phones without resetting the watch.

Wear OS 4 may finally allow you to switch phones without factory resetting your watch

The current version of Wear OS 3.5 and Samsung’s counterpart One UI Watch 4.5 forces you to factory reset your smartwatch every time you change phones, which is pretty annoying. While the software allows you to fully back up your settings and preferences, some things like third-party watch faces and the arrangement of icons in the app drawer are lost in the process.

Well, in the beta version of One UI Watch 5, it is no longer needed. Once you start the process of moving to another phone, you’ll be prompted to see if the Google account on your watch matches the one on your new smartphone.

It may be worth noting that this feature has been removed from testing on the Galaxy Watch5, so devices running vanilla Wear OS 4 may not get it. However, we believe this is core functionality, so everyone has a good chance of getting it.




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