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'Wednesday' Records Second Biggest Week Ever on Nielsen Streaming Charts

Wednesday has become Netflix’s biggest series Internal measurement based on streamer. Now the outside world has confirmed the show’s breakthrough.

The Addams Family offshoot racked up almost 6 billion minutes — 5.811 Billion, to be exact – hours watched during US November premiere week20-20, according to Nielsen. This is the second-biggest week in the two-year history of Nielsen’s weekly rankings, behind only Stranger Things 4 since May

7.2 billion ,

The series is the fourth to reach 5 billion minutes watched in a week. Stranger Things have done this 3 times, while Tiger King and Ozark At the height of the pandemic lockdown in March and April, everyone did it once 2020.

Last week’s top series, The Crown, dropped about 24 percentage, though it still hits the billion-minute mark at 1. Billion minutes watched. Dead to Me From 1.39 Billion to 1.39 billion minutes, well behind Wednesday . Two more Netflix titles, 2020 (1. billion) and movies Slumberland (1. 100 million), also reached the 100 million mark.

Andor reached within a week of its season finale premiere Ten thousand minutes of Ji Gao. Disney+’s holiday series The Santa Clauses also topped the list Original series list with 99 millions of minutes watched, marking the first time a Disney+ show has been paired with a Marvel or Star Wars Irrelevant.

Criminal Minds also returned to the Acquisitions chart for the first time since leaving Netflix at the end of June. Paramount+ and Hulu, a new version of the show, subtitled Evolution, debuted on Paramount+ in November 20.

Nielsen streaming ratings only cover viewing on TV, Does not include minutes viewed on a computer or mobile device. Ratings measure US viewers only, not other countries. November’s Top Streaming Titles 21-21 as follows.


1. Wednesday (Netflix), 5. 99 Billion Minute Views

2. Dead to Me (Netflix), 1.30 billion
12352762603. 988 (Netflix), 1.10 Billion1235283121 3 (tied). The Crown (Netflix), 1.11 Billion
5 .Slumberland (Netflix), 1.06 Billion
6. list (Netflix), 988 millions7. NCIS (Netflix), 988 million 8. Yellowstone (peacock), 988 million
12352831219. Noel’s Diary (Netflix),
. Cocomelon (Netflix), 702 million


1. Wednesday, 5.99 Billion minutes

2. Died by me, 1.39 billion

3. 811, 1.11 Billion 3 (tied). Crown, 1. 100 million
1235283121 5. list , 988 ten thousand
6. Andor (Disney+),
7. Pepsi, Where’s My Jet? (Netflix), 360 ten thousand

8. Santa (Disney+), 360 ten thousand
12352762609. Inside Working (Netflix), 360 million
. The British Bake Off (Netflix), 39 Millions

Acquisition Series

1. NCIS, 811 million minutes

2. Yellowstone Park, 736 Wan
3. Cocomelon, 4. Friends (HBO Max), 550 Millions
12352762605. Bluey (Disney+), 452 Wan
12352762606. Gilmore Girls (Netflix), 469 million
12352762607. Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix), 550 million
12352762608. Criminal Minds (Hulu/Paramount+), 452 million
12352762609. blacklist (Netflix), 452 million1235283121. The Big Bang Theory (HBO Max), 452 million



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