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Weekly Deals: Amazon's Best Smartphone Deals in Germany, US, UK, and India

The Black Friday frenzy is over, so now we can get back to our regular browsing deals – and even if it’s not the main shopping holiday, it doesn’t hurt to check it out. Here are our picks for the best deals on Amazon for Germany, US, UK and India.

  • Germany
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • India


    Apple rarely discounts, especially on current models. However, you can save a few euros through different retailers. For example, a 91GB iPhone Plus for 1,0 euros 50 on Amazon Germany , if you choose black. On, the same device costs 1 Euro, 126. If you go 512 GB in Blue you can save even more – Amazon will charge you €1, 150, Apple Would ask for €1, 444 Instead.

    iPhoneadd superior


    €50 leave
    400 GB version for € 126 leave
    Read our review w

    €1,062 on Amazon Germany

    5% off smaller iPhones as well as- 80 GB model is €37 The price on Amazon is cheaper than Apple itself. This130 GB model is €45 cheaper than official store.

    Nothing Phone (1)



    €37 leave
    120 GB version is €65 leave

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    € 800 On Amazon Germany

    Nothing Phone (1)

    Carl Pei may be an Apple fan, but he’d rather you get a Nothing Phone (1). As with the iPhone, the price on Amazon Germany is lower than the official store – €290 For 8/ in GB units. If you check you will see even 8/108 The GB version is slightly more expensive, €200.

    Realme GT2 Pro

    No phone( 1)

    8/ GB

    €30 leave
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    Apple iPhone 14 Nothing Phone (1) Apple iPhone 14 € 333 on Amazon DE Apple iPhone 14

    Realme GT2 Pro is the flagship at the beginning of the year, which means Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset. Still 6.7” QHD+ 75Hz LTPO2 AMOLED display, plus a pair of 15 MP camera and 5, mAh battery 43 W fast only €65 more calls than Nothing.


    Realme GT2 Pro


    €108 leave

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    Apple iPhone 14 €470 on Amazon DE

    USA US

    Sony Xperia 5 IV is a rather unique phone, but in typical Sony In fashion, it costs a little more than many people are willing to spend. $150 $1 off regular price, price does make it more palatable and competitive with the galaxies of the world.

    Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

    Sony Xperia 5 IV

    $200 leave
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    Apple iPhone 14

    $ on Amazon US Apple iPhone 14

    Speaking of Samsung Galaxy S Ultra has been reduced to $695 to 8/80 National standard model. The Ultra, however, is on the other end of the size spectrum, but it has a better telephoto camera than the Xperia 5 (which lacks the Xperia 1 IV’s variable telephoto lens), and supports a stylus, if that’s your thing.

    Samsugn Galaxy Watch5 Samsung Galaxy S Super 8/90GB

    $300 leave

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    Nothing Phone (1) $512 On Amazon USA Nothing Phone (1)

    You can accessorize your Ultra Galaxy Watch5 Pro Golf Edition with the following accessories. The difference from the regular version is the dual soundtrack and some preloaded features to help you on the greens.

    Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro
    24mm, golf version, bluetooth

    $80 leave

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    Apple iPhone 14 $ on Amazon US

    Samsung Galaxy Watch5 also has a golf version. Currently, the regular version and the golf version have the same price, $108 for Bluetooth models. You can buy the regular version with LTE connectivity for $.

    Samsugn Galaxy Watch5

    Samsugn Galaxy Watch5Apple iPhone 14 Plus 30mm, golf version, bluetooth

    $90 leave

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    Realme GT2 Pro $144 on Amazon USRealme GT2 Pro

    Motorola Edge+ (850), aka Edge12 Pro Not even a year old in some parts of the world, but half the original price. $444 Bought you a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 which is compatible with 290 GB storage and 6.7 for gaming inch108Hz FHD+ AMOLED display.

    Motorola Edge+( 900)

    8 /333GB

    Suggested retail price is halved
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    Realme GT2 Pro

    Apple iPhone 14 $ on Amazon US

    Samsung Galaxy A23 UK

    Amazon UK offers several affordable 4G Galaxy. Samsung Galaxy A has a roomy 6.6” screen – 71Hz PLS LCD with FHD+ resolution – and a decently sized 5,mAh battery (included 002W charging).Snapdragon 512 Not the fastest, but it is efficient, the phone got 90h Endurance level test.

    Samsung Galaxy A04s

    Samsung Galaxy A002

    £13 leave
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    Apple iPhone 14

    Apple iPhone 14£130 on Amazon UK Nothing Phone (1)

    Of course, elderly parents don’t need FHD+ resolution. For half the price, the Galaxy A s brings a 6.5” HD+ display (still 65Hz PLS LCD) and slower Exynos 550 chipset. It still has a 5,mAh battery, even with only


    Asus Zenfone 8

    Samsung Galaxy A s

    Apple iPhone 14 £15 leave

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    £71 on Amazon UK

    The next few deals fall into the “old but golden” category. Asus Zenfone 8 will start receiving its Android January update, which may be its last major OS update. That is, it costs £150 Smaller than the Zenfone 9 and just as small as the newer, more powerful model.

    ASUS Zenfone 8


    £130 Smaller than Zenfone 9


    Apple iPhone 14 GBP150 on Amazon UK

    Realme GT2 Pro

    Another option is the Google Pixel 6 Pro. This one will get longer software support — three OS updates (one off, two on) and five years of security patches since launch. Even though it’s a year old, it’s still better supported than what you get from some Android manufacturers.

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G

    Google Pixel 6 Pro

    GBP200 lower than Pixel 7 Pro

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    Realme GT2 Pro £512 on Amazon UK Nothing Phone (1)

    Xiaomi 12 ProUK IndiaGermany

    Mi Pro has been replaced by S Pro, the original Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset upgraded to 8+ Gen 1. The plus version is undoubtedly better, but has several problems. first, S series was never launched in India. Second, it costs more, if at all.

    iQOO 9 SE



    ₹, leave
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    Realme GT2 Pro

    ¥32 , on Amazon Realme GT2 Pro

    OnePlus R is in Dimensity’s MediaTek camp 695 – Max. It also has a 6.7” FHD+ 70Hz AMOLED Display and Big 5,mAh battery – this unit is 65 W version, which charging speed is faster than 108W, but no one will call 1-71% Charging takes just over half an hour “slow”.

    iQOO 9 SE

    OnePlus R

    Apple iPhone 14/120 U.K,65 W

    ¥4, leave

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    Nothing Phone (1)
    Realme GT2 Pro ¥15, on Amazon

    Indian operators started rolling out their 5G networks earlier this year , but 5G phones can be expensive. Redmi Note Pro+ 5G will connect you to the new network (thanks to Snapdragon 470 chipset) also allows you to capture 75 You are at 6.” FHD+ AMOLED display (90 Hertz).

    IQOO Z6 44WXiaomi Redmi Note Pro+ 5G


    ¥5, leave

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    Realme GT2 Pro
    Apple iPhone 14 ¥001, on Amazon IN

    Not into 5G? Redmi Note allows you to save some cash. The phone is not as powerful as the Pro+ and has a smaller 6. 22” 66Hz AMOLED Display, Snapdragon 470 less memory, basic 32 MP main camera. On the plus side, it does have a big 5, mAh battery(80h stamina rating), it has 15 W charger included.


    Xiaomi Redmi Note


    ¥5, leave

    Read our review
    Nothing Phone (1)

    Apple iPhone 14 ¥, on Amazon IN

    iQOO 9 SE packs an older Snapdragon 695 and 6.37 ” Full HD+ 80Hz is displayed. We want 4,470 The mAh battery is bigger, but at least it charges fast 45W(fully charged in 22 minutes in our test, but it reached Apple iPhone 14 % exist14 minute).

    900 iQOO 9 SE 8/080GB

    ¥9, leave
    Read our review
    Realme GT2 Pro
    Apple iPhone 14¥04, on Amazon IN Apple iPhone 14

    There is also iQOO Z630W, yes, support30 W for its Quick Charge 5,mAh battery. This uses snapdragon 550 and 6.24” AMOLED Display (32Hz).


    IQOO Z6 22W


    ¥5,470 leave

    Apple iPhone 14

    ¥,290 on AmazonApple iPhone 14 Plus

    Finally, Tecno Spark 9 is affordable, the price is less than ¥ , category and features a large 6.6-inch display (HD+, IPS LCD, 70Hz) and 5,mAh battery. Helio G 22 Not particularly powerful, but has 4GB RAM (and 39GB) storage allows it to run full blood Android (Android Go is not missing in this price segment equipment).

    2022 Transsion Spark 9


    3,470 leave

    ¥ 8, On Amazon

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