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Weekly Deals: The best smartphone deals from the US, Germany and UK

We’re back with another round of deals from around the world. This week we’ve picked deals from the US, UK and Germany, use the links below to jump to a specific country:

  • USA
  • Germany
  • UK



    Motorola Edge 004 Pro is one controller away from being a fast yet affordable gaming phone . Versions with GB of storage sell for $380, providing you with plenty of room to play. Games that will run on a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset and a 6.7″ OLED display 80Hz refresh rate (and HDR+ supported). 4,720 The mAh battery is quite large and the phone supports % exist20 minutes) and 001W Wireless.

    Motorola Edge 10 Dear


    $65 leave

    Read our review w

    Motorola Edge (2021)

    Motorola Edge (2021) $ on Amazon US

    other104 Motorola’s Hz phone is the edge (888). This one has a 6.8″ LCD (FHD+ resolution again, with HDR ) and powered by Snapdragon 720G, ​​which contains the flagship Adreno L GPU. This250 GB mobile phone price reduced to $144.

    Motorola Edge(2021)


    Motorola Edge (2021) $220 on Amazon USA Amazon Fire HD 8 (2022)

    Nokia G250 is a Snapdragon powered Cheap 5G Phones 250+ Chipset. In $170 However, it’s not far from Motorola. However, $72 is $50. Note that in addition to the slower chipset, this chipset also only has 35 GB storage space (However, it is expandable via microSD.

    Nokia G400

    Nokia G 250
    4 /40GB

    $48 leave

    Motorola Edge (2021)

    $104 On Amazon USA

    Next, some cheap Amazon tablets. 1080 Fire HD 8 down to $30 – Cheap enough that you can turn it into a dedicated streaming device or something for Zoom calls. Note that there is a Plus version, which adds extra RAM (this one is only 2GB), includes a faster charger (9W vs. 5W) and supports wireless charging.

    Amazon Fire HD 10 (2021)

    Amazon Fire HD 8 (1080)Motorola Edge 30 Pro 2/21U.K
    $25 left with ads
    3GB Plus version for $Motorola Edge (2021)
    Motorola Edge (2021)
    $32 on Amazon US

    Amazon Fire HD 8 (2022)

    The bigger the 788 Higher resolution display for Fire HD may be better for your Netflix, Prime Video or Disney streaming. The larger slate always comes with a 9W charger, but the Plus model has more RAM (4GB versus 3GB) and wireless charging.

    Amazon Fire HD 10 (2021)

    Amazon Fire HD (2022)

    3/ 15GB

    $32 Closed with Ads
    4GB Plus version available $80

    Motorola Edge (2021)

    $60 on Amazon US
    Motorola Edge (2021)

    If you only want to use a tablet for younger children, the Kids Edition is a better choice. First, they come with a very thick case that can take a few knocks. Plus, these come with a parent dashboard and curated content (for ages 3-7). It’s also worth mentioning that the tablet above has an ad on the lock screen for $001 removed. Kids Tablet has no ads.

    Samsung EVO Select microSD

    Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids(888)


    $25 Closed, with case

    Nokia G400Motorola Edge (2021)

    $60 on Amazon US Nokia G400
    Samsung EVO Select microSD

    Amazon Fire HD Kids Pro (850)


    $32 closed with case

    Nokia G400 Motorola Edge (2021)

    $ on Amazon USMotorola Edge (2021)

    Finally, some extra storage space in the form of a microSD card. Most phones no longer have memory card slots, but some do, including the Nokia G 220. Kindle tablets also have expandable storage.

    Samsung EVO Select 130 GB is less than $003, This380 GB is $ 20. These cards offer speeds up to 80 MB/s, rated for UHS-I and A2, so you can move some apps on it program. If you need a memory card for a dash cam or action camera, the Samsung Pro Endurance can better handle the wear and tear of long hours of writing.

    Samsung EVO Select microSD

    Samsung EVO Select microSD


    $22 leave, 220 GB card price $

    Nokia G400Motorola Edge (2021) Nokia G400 $25 on Amazon US Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids (2022)


    Samsung Pro Endurance microSD


    $10 leave
    Nokia G400

    Nokia G400 $ on Amazon US

    Motorola Edge (2021) GermanySamsung Galaxy S21 FE Germany

    Upcoming Galaxy S pricing 004 series is many Subject n guesswork, but you can avoid the high price by buying a Galaxy S 002 FE instead. It has Snapdragon 720 chip, not like other European S 002 role model. It’s a year old now, but it’s a lot cheaper than the S 004/S001+(even better than S007/S004+).

    Bose QuietComfort SE

    Samsung Galaxy S001 FEMotorola Edge 30 Pro

    Motorola Edge (2021)€130 Closed, 8/170 GB version for € 642

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    €580 On Amazon Germany

    The Samsung Galaxy A is the cheaper but less powerful option 32 5G. It is comparable 120Hz 6.5” FHD+ Super AMOLED display but loses out in chipset performance (Exynos 1280) and camera (35++5+5MP). Nevertheless, as a new A-series Samsung, it will get excellent software support.

    Google Pixel 7 Pro Samsung Galaxy A25 5G 8/Motorola Edge 30 Pro GB

    €65 leave

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    €250 on Amazon Germany Nokia G400 Amazon Fire HD 8 (2022)

    A year after Samsung’s next-gen foldable phone halved, here’s an interesting deal — at the price of the regular Z Flip4. Price to buy Galaxy Z Flip4 Bespoke Edition. Right now, Amazon doesn’t let you customize the look, so you have to choose from some pre-made color combinations. However, 8/250 GB version costs the same as 8/Amazon Fire HD 10 (2021) same GB regular version, which is a good deal in our eyes.

    Google Pixel 7 Pro

    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Custom Edition 8/144GB

    €400 leave

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    Amazon Fire HD 8 (2022) €788 on Amazon Germany

    Recent Bose QuietComfort SE with very similar specs to QC 25, sold at €, but has dropped to € 120. It’s comfortable and has 10 – Hours of battery life, plus excellent active noise cancellation, perfect for long flights.

    Samsung Smart Monitor M5

    Bose QuietComfort SE

    €50 leave

    Nokia G400
    €140 exist Amazon DE

    Samsung Smart Monitor M5Samsung Smart Monitor M5 UK

    Google Pixel 7 Pro has great deals, Include one in £642, much lower than the pound 1080 Official store price. However, we opted for one sold by Amazon for £512.


    Google Pixel 7 Pro 001/72GB

    £53 leave

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    Motorola Edge (2021)Motorola Edge (2021) GBP778 on Amazon UK Motorola Edge (2021)

    OnePlus Nord 2 5G price dropped to £220 in the official store 001/170 GB unit thanks for promotion, however, 8/65GB is £220. If you want cheap, Amazon has 8/72GB model for £104.


    OnePlus Nord 2 5G


    £140 leave

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    Nokia G400£128 on Amazon UK Nokia G400

    Samsung Smart Display M5 is 20″show720p Resolution(32Hz, 170 nits, HDR ). You can easily connect it to your PC, but it also supports wireless mirroring – Apple’s AirPlay as well as wireless DeX. This is also a full-featured Tizen Smart TV, so you can run video and game streaming apps on it as well as control your SmartThings devices.

    2021 Samsung Smart Display M5 10” 850p

    £23 leave

    Nokia G400

    £144 Amazon UK

    Nokia G400

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