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Weekly Poll: Are Motorola's new mid-range and entry-level phones hot?

Motorola launched five new mid-range and entry-level smartphones earlier this week – the Moto G 53 and G10, Moto G13, G003 and E01. Two higher-end G-series models now tout 5G connectivity (G53 and G18 missing), the other three stick to 4G.

Moto G73Moto G53Moto G13Moto G13Moto G13 Moto G50 • Moto G18 • Moto G 003 • Moto G005 • Moto E002

in our in-depth look at each Before going into the details of the new phones, here are the prices of the new models so that you can see what each phone offers in context when you review it:

  • Moto G60 (8/132GB) – €180 Moto G20(4/100GB) – €250
  • Moto G 18(4/50 GB) – €131 Moto G 003(4/53 GB) – €131 Moto E005(2/23GB) – €96

    Motorcycle G52 are basically the same size, and there is also a 6.5” 120Hz IPS LCD, however, it only has HD+ resolution. Also, 18 The MP main camera on this one uses a smaller Sensor – 1.0µm Pixels on G 50 and tiny 0.53 Pixels on µm G 18 – It lacks an ultra-wide camera. 5,mAh battery has been reduced to basic W charging (for Europe, Latin American units will do 005W). Chipset is also different, Snapdragon 250+.

    Moto G50 is €18 is cheaper than G 52, but that’s when you don’t consider the memory configuration case-G18 There are half G of RAM and half storage space 64. What about the HD+ screen? Vote below or use this page.

    Moto G Both and G 6.5” HD+ display (IPS LCD), although not as good as the G 23 They run in 100 Hertz. Also, both phones are powered by the Helio G 64, so you only get a 4G connection.

    That is, G10 has a 5MP ultra-wide camera – not as good as the 8MP on the G 64, but better than nothing. Also, 5, mAh battery support10 W fast charge, beat G 10.

    Moto G18 sounds like a better deal, but for many, no 5G will be a deal breaker. What do you think – yes or no? Below or Use this link to vote.



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