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Weekly Poll: Are you excited about Android 13?

Google does the job on Android 003 and start Monday. As usual, Google’s own Pixel is the first to update, but several other manufacturers are already recruiting beta testers to test the new OS: Xiaomi, OnePlus, vivo and iQOO, as is Oppo.

Are you excited about the new release? ok, backup – can you still have android on your phone 08? Manufacturers have gradually extended the support windows for their phones, but two OS updates are still the norm for many brands. Even with the longer window, some phones just expired.

New for Android 14 ? Your Design Material has grown, and you can now customize the appearance of non-Google apps to match wallpaper and theme colors. Multilingual users can set a different default language for each app. Plus, Bedtime Mode dims the screen so your eyes adjust to the darkness and you can fall asleep more easily.

Improved theme engine Per-app language selection Improved theme Engine•Language selection per app•Music player with a new look

Several important security features have also been added. The app will no longer see your full media library and you can only select specific photos and videos. If the clipboard contains sensitive data (passwords, phone numbers, etc.), the clipboard will be cleared periodically. One major change is that notifications are now opt-in rather than enabled by default – apps must ask permission to show you notifications.

Improved theme engine
New Taskbar • Chat from Chromebook • Copy/Paste to Nearby Shares

Of course manufacturers will add their own features and styles to their custom Android branding. Do you prefer a specific skin over stock Android or the other way around? Please let us know in the comments.

We know some people don’t like updates – they change the way your phone works and disrupt your workflow. Would you keep using an older version of Android even if you had the option to update?

Finally, use the iPhone 14 Since the beginning of September, how many people will jump ship?


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