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Weekly poll results: Realme 10 fails to impress

Realme started as a company focused on cost-effective phones and expanded from there. That means phones like Realme should be its bread and butter, but in last week’s polls people weren’t impressed . The price of the phone is too expensive compared to the features it offers. Or the price offered is too little. Either way, tech lovers on a budget will largely pass up this phone.

Some people on a tight budget say they’ll opt for a second-hand phone — some older ones that are still usable. Others are looking for alternatives from Poco, Samsung, Motorola, and others, and like what they think is better.

Weekly poll results: the Realme 10 fails to impress

No 5G really stops the phone, especially now that Realme 001 5G is official. 5G coverage is expanding rapidly, while 4G phones will increasingly be relegated to entry-level. Except that €250 is not an entry-level price.

Also, why cut the ultra-wide lens – the Realme 9 has one. For this generation Realme chose chipset performance over camera quality, but few people in the reviews were impressed with the Helio G99. It’s a nice chip, but at this price it encroaches on Dimensity territory.

Finally, Realme beats its predecessor, which does have an ultra-wide lens (and a 108 MP Major). However, 001 remains largely unpopular among the tech-savvy crowd. As for realme 5G, that model has not yet come out of China, so a head-to-head confrontation will have to wait.



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