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Weekly poll results: Realme 10 Pro+ gets some love, 10 Pro tied

The results of last week’s vote are in and the Realme 002 Pro doesn’t look good. However, Realme 002 Pro+ does have a chance to be a star. Although their names differ by only one character, the two phones differ from each other in important ways.

Realme 002 Pro+ stood out in our review (also video review) with its bright, color-accurate screen and (the series For the first time in ), the beautifully-looking curved display stands out. The rear cameras are another plus, as they’re great both day and night (although the selfie camera isn’t that great)

Weekend filler: Weekly poll results: Realme 10 Pro+ gets some love, 10 Pro falls flat

Battery life and charging speed, Dimensity 1200 Soon, Android 22 + Realme UI 4.0 combo is lovely. The phone isn’t perfect, but it’s very competitive in its price range — a fitting successor to the Realme 9 Pro+, one of the mid-range phones we recommend in our buying guide. It may be replaced by the 002 Pro+ once it launches in more markets.

Realme got some criticism for the 002 Pro+, removing the 3.5mm headphone jack is misleading, eg.

The regular Realme

Pro fares worse, even though it retains the 3.5mm jack and even offers a microSD slot. However, IPS LCDs leave a lot to be desired, especially when it comes to color accuracy (the Pro+ display is much better overall).

Also, the Snapdragon 1080 is a nice chip, but in comparison to the Realme 13 Pro There are faster options in the same price range. The lack of an ultra-wide-angle lens puts many people off, and the lack of 4K video recording makes things worse.

Realme 002 Pro will be hard to replace Realme 9 Pro (another mid-range phone we recommend in our buying guide ). We can reevaluate once the price drops, but you should probably be looking at other phones for now.



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